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I got to play June Squibb's assistant in The Jack and Triumph Show on Adult Swim starring Jack McBrayer and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, written by SNL alum Robert Smigel. It was shot in NYC in front of a live audience. I improvised at my screen-test and listened to Katy Perry's Roar on repeat till I booked the part. 


I got to host the 2019 AVN Awards Show for Showtime.  Cardi B was the musical guest making this the first all female host line-up ever. Her sister Hennessy Carolina shouted me out on her Instagram story. She was laughing with her girlfriend and blasted me to her millions of followers. 

Some People Original Music Video

We shot this video at Goodbye Blue Monday in Brooklyn. Brooklyn was my home for five years. There are so many talented musicians to jam with and learn from there. I miss it everyday. And yes, that is Jermaine Fowler in the video. 

Fisting the Night Away with band

I was riding the Chinatown bus from New York to Boston while listening to Sam Cooke's Twisting the Night Away reading my rhyming dictionary. I immediately wrote Fisting the Night Away down in my notebook and it has been a fan favorite ever since. I even have a box of Fisting the Night Away t-shirts in my garage. 

Bobby Lee's Podcast Tigerbelly

Bobby Lee is the nicest comedian in the world. He was nice enough to have me on his podcast a month after my mom died unexpectedly in 2017.  I will always cherish this conversation. He helped me laugh during a time when I needed to be able to laugh.  I got the chance to share the story of what it was like going to my mom's funeral. 

The Church of What's Happening Now with Joey Diaz & Lee Syatt
I've never met a bad Joey Diaz fan. They are the most supportive followers anyone can ask for. Maybe it's because he tells his followers to have a fantastic day on Periscope. I do think your fans are a reflection of who you are. Not always, but a big majority of them. So basically, Joey Diaz is awesome. Watch for yourself. 

Opie with Jim Norton & Greg Louganis

On this day at Sirius XM, Olympic Gold Medalist Greg Louganis came into the studio. I got to the chance to ask some pretty personal questions as I was curious how one conducts relations with his partner once he's diagnosed with HIV. I appreciated Greg Louganis's candid answers on this very intimate topic. 

Opie with Jim Norton & Billy Connolly & Rich Vos

Before Opie and Jim Norton parted ways, I got to sit in studio with famous comedian Rich Vos.  After making a sly remark on his physique, he proceeded to remove his shirt to show off his six pack. I appreciated the visual and we had fun ribbing one another while one of the hosts was out of the office.

Happy Mother's Day Girl Code Official Promo MTV
I got to be a cast member on MTV's Girl Code for three seasons during the last generation of college and high school aged kids who still watched MTV. And this particular clip was posted to the MTV's Instagram page and got a million views and smiley crying face emoji's. So, thank you MTV. 

Punchline TV Show Best Of

Here I got to do a battle of the sexes game show where the female comedians won against the guys because I had Kelsey Cook and Taylor Tomlinson on my team. The host Marc Istook was very good even though he is a white male and it's fashionable to bash white males right now. I feel brave enough to say it and I will say it. So there. 

Happy Father's Day Girl Code Official Promo MTV
One fourth of July, I made the mistake of putting my ukulele in the "trunk" of a convertible. Only to hear it get crushed as the convertible top went down. My ukulele was unplayable but I saved it for a rainy day. And on this rainy day, I got to bash my already banged up ukulele on the stool and break it further to pieces. I really think it added a nice finishing touch to the song. 
MTV VMA's with Girl Code cast
We got to walk the MTV VMA red carpet a few years ago.  The best thing about Girl Code is that no one scripted answers for us. Everything we said on the show came directly from us. I think that's why it was so popular and rang true for so many young girls.  It was also fun to see ourselves in cartoon form on tv and there's even a Girl Code book you can buy. 

The Artie Lange Show

Artie Lange's studio in New York was amazing. I'm surprised they didn't turn it into a tv show. It was basically a tv studio. It was art directed and everything. Mike Bocchetti was a staple of his show at the time. 

I'd Rather Chill With A Pizza Music Video

 I'm from Chicago so naturally, I love pizza more than any other type of food out there. This is a music video we made for go90 when I was on Sorry Not Sorry. It's a parody of Mike Posner's Took A Pill in Ibiza. 

NBC's Last Comic Standing

Last Comic Standing was my first television appearance. I had been performing at local bar shows in Boston and New York for five years when I got to perform at the Paris Theater in Vegas and the Alex Theater in Glendale, CA.   The legendary Bill Bellamy hosted. 

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